Student Voice Agency

Vision & Philosophy

Our whole school approach to SVAL empowers all students to become flexible, resilient and purpose driven learners. Along with our learners, the ‘School Voice’ definition is a framework for the whole school community including staff and families. The three components of School Voice are not just lessons that will be taught but need to be embedded into the whole school culture.

School Voice is:

  1. Sharing thoughts and ideas in an environment underpinned by trust and respect.
  2. Offering realistic suggestions for the good of the whole.
  3. Accepting responsibility for not only what you say but what needs to be done.

An added layer of voice are the six Quarters Primary School Learning Behaviours. These learning behaviours are both cognitive and behavioural habits that are essential to develop for learners to experience success both at school and in future areas of their life. The learning behaviours are pre conditions that lead to greater engagement, ownership and self-regulation of their learning. Being curious, motivated, independent, cooperative, resilient and reflective are skills that are required well beyond the school fence.

The SVAL curriculum will follow a measured approach of:

  • Introducing and embedding the School Voice definition at QPS
  • Identifying our own unique voices
  • Unpacking and developing a strong understanding of the six Learning Behaviours
  • Goal setting and using Learning Goals and Success Criteria to drive and monitor learning

Student Voice and Agency will have a large profile in our school with a priority on collecting authentic school voice. This will come from our Student Representative Council (SRC) and from Student voice sessions, which will include discussions between school staff and students and help to decide on a broad range of areas including student behaviour, school connectedness and students’ sense of inclusion.

Beyond this the focus will be to develop staff understanding of the Quaglia Institute’s student voice process: Listen, Learn and Lead.

By embedding this philosophy and pedagogy at QPS, we are aiming for a balance between student directed and teacher lead learning. Ultimately our goal is to see more student led than teacher directed learning. Student voice sessions and surveys are for the benefit of students and are inclusive.

Our positive school climate is maintained because staff take the opinions of students seriously, listen to their views and act upon them where possible. Staff are aware that student participation and inclusion are some of the main objectives of our school.